About Backyard Rail Park

The Backyard Rail Park is a private wakeboard cable park in Lumberton, Mississippi. The park sits on a 57 acre private residence that is surrounded by pine forrest. When we first started the park we were towing with a four wheeler, but in 2016 we completed our home made cable wakeboard system.

Each year we host an annual, invite only, event called the Pond Party. The event brings riders from all over the south who want to ride, camp, party, and hang out for the weekend. This year will be our 5th Pond Party and it is shaping up to be the best one yet.


BYRP History

The Backyard Rail Park is a manifestation that was 14 years in the making.  Growing up in the city and driving two hours to our lake house each weekend, made me dream of a place where I could live and ride with ease.  Who doesn’t dream about having their own private setup? It doesn’t matter if you wakeboard behind a boat, wakeskate behind the cable, or waterski; a private lake setup is the ultimate goal.

In college, circa 2005, we had a buddy who wakeskated in a pond behind his four wheeler. After the first time that he invited us out, we were hooked. Remember, this was before the time of private 2 tower cable wakeboard systems. We were stoked to finally have a place to practice hitting rails. Back then, we just wanted to be able to hit the rail good enough to incorporate it into our contest runs on the Pro Tour qualifiers. We built a ton of rails and rode behind that Bayou 250 four wheeler for the next 5 years. During this time, I fell in love with rail riding. The vibe of the pond, field parties, and sketchy rails always drew a crowd of party goers and riders.

Fast forward to 2012… After moving back to the city, I now lived over an hour and half from the old four wheeler pond. I was motivated to create my own spot. Around this time is when the 2 tower systems really took off. My goal was to find a location to plan for the future. We casually looked at a few places, but were not sold on anything, nor were we dead serious about moving at the time. A few weeks later, the perfect spot popped up and we couldn’t pass it up.  We moved the next month and built a rail the first weekend here. We winched that rail for weeks.

The plan was to purchase a four wheeler and ride behind that until we could afford the cable system. Over the next 3 years, we rode the wheels, brakes, axles, and seat off that four wheeler. It was awesome to see everyone slay it using such a non conventional way of wakeboarding. We kept building new rails and pushing our ideas further each time. The four wheeler became our signature in our web videos. It may have been new to most viewers, but little did they know that we had now been doing it for a decade.

In 2015, I started purchasing parts for the cable. For the next 16 months I purchased parts as my budget would allow. Once we had everything we needed, we started building. After some miserably hot, long days in the shop and around the pond doing site prep, we had a finished product that was ready to be setup. Obviously, building and installing this thing was something that we had never done, so we were left to figuring it out as we went. Somehow we managed to get it in the air and now we would have to rely on the advice of a quite useful resource that we met online. He installed the electronics and wrote the software for us. Without him, it would just be a pile of parts.

I still love rail riding and the pond vibes as much as I did back in 2005. The invention of the 2 tower cable system made that experience even better than we could have ever imagined. Growing up as a contest boat rider, I never expected rail riding to transform into what it has today.


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