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The BYRP blog gives us a place to post content related to the park, wakeboard industry product reviews, rail builds, media, and anything else that gets us excited about the sport. Feel free to share any of our articles!

Pond Party Shake Down

Pond Party Shake Down at Backyard Rail Park The Backyard Rail Park hosted yet another memorable Pond Party in the Mississippi countryside. The fifth annual event consisted of wakeboarding, camping, partying, and a plethora of soul food and cajun cuisine...

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Push to Ride

The Backyard Rail Park crew is back and boasting a big upgrade. After taking 2016 off from filming to build our cable system…

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Location Tee Campaign

Backyard Rail Park Location Tee Campaign A lot of people have mentioned wanting BYRP shirts. We are currently running a tee/tank campaign through TeeSpring.

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BYRP Digger ft. Luke Romero

Luke definitely had one of the most memorable crashes in the last 5 years at The Backyard Rail Park. It had so much shock value, that people actually accused us of setting it up in order to get video views.

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Hyperlite JAM 140 Review

After spending a good bit of time on my new Hyperlite JAM, I thought it was time spread the word about how great this board has been.

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