Pond Party Shake Down at Backyard Rail Park

The Backyard Rail Park hosted yet another memorable Pond Party in the Mississippi countryside. The fifth annual event consisted of wakeboarding, camping, partying, and a plethora of soul food and cajun cuisine prepared by those in attendance. At the BYRP, this is our favorite weekend of the year. There is truly nothing better than getting all of your friends and riding buddies together for an all out end of season throwdown. Each year the event brings more people to the wakeboard/wakeskate paradise located in South MS. With a team of talented photographers and videographers in attendance, we were able to put together this short that features the chill vibes that everyone has come to love about the Pond Party. So sit back, grab a cold beverage and a bowl of gumbo, and enjoy the atmosphere of Backyard Rail Park. Thanks to everyone who comes to party with us during the events. See everyone next year!


Edit: Frank Ladner
Additional Footage: Mitchell Cobb, Ace Cox, Ross Overstreet, Matt McCoy, Kagan Keith

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