Push to Ride

The Backyard Rail Park crew is back and boasting a big upgrade. After taking 2016 off from filming to build our cable system (which we did on site), we were beyond ready to document some laps. Switching from riding behind the four wheeler to riding the cable system has opened up new doors for us and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. The edit “Push to Ride” showcases some more of our creative rail builds and features the new DIY 2 tower cable system. While we are no longer twisting throttle to make laps, we are now pushing buttons. The title “Push to Ride” is inspired by pushing the buttons on our hand made cable remote and also reflective of us constantly pushing to get the cable done in time for the Pond Party last summer. We rode very little and work our asses off last year, knowing that it would be worth the effort. A huge thanks goes to everyone that spent hours and hours sweating and working. We may have had times where we wanted to kill each other, but like they say “Anything worth having is worth fighting for.” ¬†Enjoy the new scenery at the Backyard Rail Park.

Thanks: Hyperlite Wakeboards

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