BYRP Video Collection

Let’s be honest. Making a wakeboard video is shameless self promotion these days… BUT, that doesn’t stop us! As much as all of us like to look back on the finished product, we also look back on the process. The days of riding and filming with the crew and encouraging each other to be better are the best part of the whole process. Filming is important because everyone can critique their own riding and step it up on their next set. We encourage everyone to get with your group of buddies and make videos for fun!

We make wakeboard videos of our janky homemade rails and kickers. The videos of us wakeboarding behind the four wheeler are from the early days at the park and the bi-level setup is just down the road from the BYRP. We are anxious about finishing our current project so that we can introduce our new DIY cable to the world. Shred on…

Enjoy videos from the Backyard Rail Park.

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